Our Community Groups

Our small groups are for discussions, sharing & going deeper about things we encounter in our real day-to-day life or what we discuss at The Fence Post - our community Forum.  You can join one group or all of them.  Please ensure your notifications are set to your personal preferences (see below for details)

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This Little Corner of Father's Vineyard is a public gathering place for our community of friends and family who want to join us in conversation about The Living Word of GOD!!!

Joel 2 is a private community group to gather and share what Holy Spirit is ministering - dreams, visions, revelations, prophecies, Words of Wisdom and Knowledge to build up and edify the body of Christ.

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Joseph's Farm is a private group to share how God is instructing us to prepare as Joseph did in the Scriptures. Here we talk about practical & natural preparations for such a time as this.

Meet Him at The Well is a gathering place for Women of GOD.  This private group is for women only. Our desire is to be Titus 2 women to one another - encouraging and edifying each other!

Pastor is Clare

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Prayer TEAM is a private group for all those involved with our prayer team for YouTube, Social Media Channels, Email & Form Requests. This group is for those dedicated to praying

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Prayer & Praise REQUEST FORM is our link to the form to share your prayer requests or give praise to the Father. These requests go to prayer team to pray/praise & are shared on Thursday Prayer Video w/Vicky

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Bible Facts & Trivia is a public space to share Scriptures, Trivia & Facts. This is a place to encourage each other- where Truth prevails and brings a smile to your face with facts, trivia, word pictures & more.

Path of Life is a private community group to encourage with teachings, resources and more.  Group leader is 

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Meet Him at The Throne is a gathering place for Men of GOD.  This private group is for men only. Our desire is to be men after God's own heart - as David

Pastor is Dave

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The Compass is a private small group for growing the Body of Christ.  This group is open to all site members.  Group Leader is  Dave.  


 In order to participate in our community groups you must FIRST sign up for a membership to our website.  You must allow cookies.  If at some point you disabled cookies to our site - you won't be able to log into the website.  Some browsers & apps will not allow you to use our groups - as they disable cookies (for example - Brave browser, DuckDuckGo app)


To join a group click the link below to the specific group.  You must join each group that you would like to participate in - as it doesn't automatically put you in every group.  It is super important you adjust your settings as soon as you become a member of any group or the forum.


TO EDIT THE NUMBER OF NOTIFICATIONS YOU RECEIVE FROM THE WEBSITE - Once you are a member - please go to your profile, edit your profile and click SETTINGS to set up your notification preferences.  The default setting on group notifications is to always notify you when activity occurs in each group you participate in and that could be quite a lot of notifications in your emails!  If you need a step by step process - click here or scroll to bottom of page).