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A Word from The One Arrayed in Battle Arraignment


Father where will this movement of Truckers who are in ‘one accord’ end up?

This move of man drawing together to fight against the evil that has been released against the people of this nation, shall draw more to see; and shall continue to grow in pockets all over this nation. Fires small fires starting across this nation – people being inspired, people being given the moment to have a voice.

These small fires begin and as the nation begins to arise, more souls will have their eyes open. It will not be without a battle; it will be costly to many. Those whom I’ve positioned to bare this will be set apart.

Courage requires submission, whether to me as your Father or to a ‘cause’. There are many who are solely submitted to the ‘cause’ but as they journey, I will open their eyes and reveal the source of this united front.

Continue to pray for these brother and sister Canadians. There are many who are standing for Righteousness and Truth. Those who continue to pursue freedom shall see Liberty in this nation that I established to be strong and free!

The enemy came to rob, steal and destroy! To Destroy what has been destined for this great nation. You will see a nation that will arise and behold the ‘Maker of Heaven and Earth’ leading them to truth, life and freedom in the Holy Spirit.

Freedom has always been My way. Freedom comes and it comes with a cost!

They will encounter much resistance but continue to pray for walls that have been built to begin to crumble.

For every soul represented at your Nation’s parliament represents a brick that was meant to bind the people, but that brick shall be removed, and one by one the wall of injustice, deception and fear will come down.

Daughter to be united is the beginning – My spirit always operates in unity with Me and My Son. Whenever you see division, anger, confusion you know I am not there. But watch as My spirit breathes My life over this – it matters not those who are opposed or want to Hijack what is being created… they cannot stand against the great “I AM”.

There is courage that is rising up in this nation, courage that shall defeat the deception and the fear over so many hearts. Those still bound in ‘fear’ will have the Loudest voices in opposing… but it shall be defeated.

Stand, Worship, declare and decree FREEDOM to come to this your Nation!

Canada shall arise – she shall not be cast down without hope and she shall surely be positioned for what I have yet to release.

Stand guard faithful ones.

Stand guard.

For your nation requires your faith, your prayers, and your voice in this hour!

The One Arrayed in Battle Arraignment…



Amelia is the Ministry Leader & Teacher of Path of Life

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