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Blink of an Eye

The older I get (almost 70) the faster time goes by. Vicky and I reminisce about things and catch ourselves realizing that things we thought happened a year ago actually happened several years ago .....4 or 5 years ago. I'm sure some of you (seniors) can relate.

Compared to eternity, life is like a blink of an eye. The decisions we make have eternal consequences or rewards. That's why Christians have a burden to pray that people would find God and the promise of eternal life with Him. How sad that people believe such strange ideas about life after death. How deceived they are by satan. Is it worth risking eternal life for an idea that a person came up with? Look at the complexity of the human body, the precision of the workings of the universe. The wonders of nature. How can all of that be an accident.....from a big bang? I would rather trust the Bible, and our Father who designed the universe and put things in motion so long ago. And He loves us so much that He wants to spend eternity with us. All we have to do is accept what Jesus did for all humankind and make Him the Lord and Savior of our lives.

As a believer, we will blink and enter into the kingdom that Jesus has prepared for us for eternity. That's a long time. Those that curse God and trust what others say and believe about eternity will blink and find themselves in a horrible place with no hope.... It will be too late. You must decide your destiny on this side of eternity.....before your last blink of the eye. I hope you choose Jesus. It will be the best decision you ever make.

Please share this with your loved ones, friends or anyone God leads you to. God bless you richly!

Shalom Family.



Chuck is co-founder of this ministry & He is an accomplished composer, musician and artist.

Music Ministry & Scripture Videos


Prayer Ministry

  • Chuck leads prayer for all gatherings including leadership ministry, the prayer requests sent to Vicky, Chuck & the prayer team and is actively praying for the ministry and all who the Lord brings.

  • Chuck prays over all videos and comments frequently on YouTube for both he and Vicky's channels.

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