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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Our monthly newsletter comes out only once a month. We welcome you. If this is your first time please know that you must subscribe to receive it in your mailbox. While we place our articles from The Vine here - we don't put everything that comes in the newsletter on this section of the Vine. We hope you will Subscribe to be added to our email list.

Full Articles - Posted Monthly Here

We value your time. Thus, some of our articles in the newsletter will be posted here in full for you to read as time and God allows. Not all content in the Newsletter is posted here - but the longer articles are for you to read, comment, or even share a link directly to the article instead of the entire newsletter.


The Vine archives are located Here on the same page we store the Messages from Father God. You will notice that after the December 2021 newsletter - we will no longer posting any archived Vine Newsletters. We are doing that because we want those who take the time to subscribe to the Newsletter to know we value them. We want YOU to know we have taken time to think of content that will bless you, encourage you and hopefully grow you as you pursue the Lord. We realize your mailboxes are full of various things and we want to be intentional in what we share with you!

Vicky & Chuck will be posting short videos also each month in The Vine.

The videos are not shared on the website or anywhere else. They are simply for those who are connecting with us through the Newsletters. Here is the first Video made when we began this amazing journey....

We thank you all who are joining with us!! It is so exciting to be connecting in so many different ways! May the Lord bless you and shine His face upon you!!!

Vicky, Chuck and the rest of the team.

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