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He Will NEVER Leave Us

As April approaches we may all be feeling the desire to leap into Spring… where daffodils and crocus’ and sunshine awaits, suggesting a longer day, brighter season and getting out of the weary winter and into new life – new beginnings?..... But what if you are stuck? All around you might be spring and sunshine; but inside you are anxious, afraid and wounded?

Every one of us has seasons we walk through that will help us to grow and to change us. Sometimes for many different reasons, we get stuck in “one” season. It might be because of bitterness? Someone hurt you and you haven’t been able to let go. It might be you have been sick a long while and wondering…when Lord will I be well again? Maybe you have lost a loved one and don’t know how to carry on without them? Disappointments, Discouragements….In all of these moments of being “stuck” I believe our heavenly Father wants us to know that His Love never ever leaves us! He is always with us in every situation we face! The word the Father gave me to share below; blessed me so much, because I had such a realization that “I can please HIM” with my choosing to believe in the midst of the hard and difficult seasons!

His desire is for all of us to just keep believing in HIM! To trust in Him, in His Goodness, Kindness, Mercy and LOVE….

He will never leave us!!

We are in HIM, so that we can be a light to others. Yet, when we are ‘stuck’ and don’t seem to ‘feel’ that He is with us… that is often when he will send someone along to help us find our way back to His Love.

May this word encourage your heart and cause you to rejoice in the fact that you are loved and will be a light to others in your life, as they also will be to you!!

The precious word of the LORD to his children….

Put not your trust in Riches, nor your hope in man - remember the words of your Father, remember the counsel of the Spirit. Look not to those who can comfort you, but rather be the comfort to those who cannot see me.

Allow the word to form you into the image of my Son and then understanding will follow and you will know that I am the one… the one who leads you always - the one who cannot lie - the one who shares your sorrow - the one who knows your heart.

Be not anxious I have said many times in your life; for as you believe in my faithfulness and my ability to respond, this brings me much pleasure to know that you trust in who I am and all that I can do.

Doubts will come, but send them away - they don’t own space in your heart… So don’t let them stay! You know who I am - you know my Love is deep, deeper than the oceans you have travelled on.

My Love is not mistaken for compassion in a moment of pain.

My Love is consistent…. it cannot be changed!

Children, there is much you know not, but I do see your hearts desire to know me and my ways. I am taking you to the road that is less travelled on. It requires some painful moments of letting go of things you think are treasures.. It also requires you to stay on course with believing who I am and that I never change. It means giving up things that take your time and don’t help you to grow in me, in order to bring the desired miracle!

I seek you and ask you to seek me with deeper conviction and attitude of heart that won’t allow the moments of affliction to rule what you believe.

I am the God that ‘Healeth thee’ does not change because your circumstances are difficult! You set your eyes on me, regardless of what your world is presenting to you!

To be a light to someone else in this world - you must keep your own lamp lit with the Love, the Hope and allow my very grace to flow in and through you.

Children, your faith is NOT measured by the results of healing…. Do not measure your faith on ‘how someone is doing’ after you have prayed for them.. Your faith is in me as your Father not just as the Healer!

The one who knows you by name…. Your beloved!

Psalm 105: 1-2.

Oh give thanks to the Lord! Call upon HIS name; Make known His deeds among the peoples! Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him; talk of all His wondrous works!

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