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Prayer Map

Have you seen our video about the prayer map in this month's The Vine? Check it out below. When we first recorded it we had a little over 80 places around the world marked. We are well over 100 now. Please let us know if you would like to be on the prayer list. You can comment below or on the video with your first name and country/state/town - be as vague or specific (not your personal address please) as you would like.

If you have a prayer request - please email it to the prayer team (led by Teresa) at The whole prayer team begins to pray as do we all on Thursday prayer videos.

We are taking your first names and locations and making a separate prayer list. We will be reading those on Thursdays as well so we can all pray. We are also creating a virtual prayer wall. I (Suzanne) am in the process of that. No names - but this will enable others to click on the map and pray for those who have requested prayer in specific locations. The virtual map is hosted by google maps - so we don't want detailed information other than the fact we are praying for locations, prayer requests (without specifics) and for site members (without any names or identifying information).

I have just started on the virtual map so if you have added your information on videos or in emails - rest assured they will be added to the virtual map in time. But currently Vicky, Chuck, Teresa and prayer team have been gathering the specificities of names, locations and if someone had requested personal prayer - and then providing me with only with locations and if it is site member so we can differentiate.

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