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Hello friends and family! Our wonderful Teresa has been spending some much needed time with her family - so I am standing in the gap to fill you in on some changes with our Prayer ministry. (She didn't post this - but I want to make sure she sees your comments and encouragement - so I am posting under her name for this).

We have been making some changes to how we gather your prayers and praise reports. Because we are spread out now over many platforms - we wanted to streamline everything. Thus, we have created a prayer/praise email. We would love if you would transition to using the email instead of our form or commenting on posts on Youtube. If you are following us on social media or subscribing to our YouTube Channels - if you wouldn't mind sending an email to our Prayer Team at - that would be amazing!! In the past, we have copied and pasted from comments and that is a lot of work trying to gather up all the prayers. Of course we pray when we read them - but we love that 2 or 3 or more are praying instead of just one of us!

In case you didn't know - we have some amazing, God loving and fearing (adoring) prayer team members. This group of men and women are fearlessly led by our Team Leader and Prayer Team Pastor - Teresa whom we lovingly call Harvest. She helps coordinate the teams, send out prayer requests, makes sure that we have up to date information for our Thursday prayer videos and she also sits at the Father's feet and prays on behalf of ALL those who take the time to let us know we need to pray!

Do you feel called to pray and intercede? Would you like to step up and commit to praying for those who ask - in this community as well as whenever Holy Spirit and circumstances prompt you to stop & pray? If so - you can reach out to Teresa at

Additionally, once Teresa approves members to the prayer team - they are invited to join the online Prayer team on the website. She will send you information about the process. Thank you for joining together to pray and seek the face of God on behalf of the multitudes who ask us.

If you are already a member of the prayer team - THANK YOU!!! You are amazing to take time out of your life to pray for so many. You are being the hands and feet of Jesus. It is so wonderful to know that so many are partnering together to lift up prayers - often of complete strangers. You are impacting the Kingdom of God for eternity!! Again thank you and thanks to Teresa!!

Make sure to tune in to Vicky as she shares the Prayer Thursday Videos - every week! A time to just sit with Father and praise Him and intercede for others!

----Suzanne (Website Admin)

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