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Rethink…. Retrain….. Renew….. YOUR MIND!

Are you like me, whenever you read something that refers to“the Mind” you kind of under your breath say…

"This is the part where I’m told that I’m supposed to be able to control my thoughts." Right? Come along and let us figure this out together.

Recently I have been reading the book of Romans it has a lot to say about Faith, Judgment, Righteousness, Promises, Slavery to sin or righteousness, Freedom from sin, Suffering to Glory, the Law of Liberty, the Law of Love, Bearing one another’s burdens, Behaving like a Christian, Submitting to Government, Loving your neighbour, and Putting on Christ!

In order to truly grasp any of the things mentioned above we need to fully understand “Righteousness”. I have been a believer for over 40 years, so you think this would be a pretty simple and basic one to grasp – a foundational truth that every believer lives by, right? However, it seems this is a truth that the enemy is constantly scheming to get us to not believe in! When we get challenged in our heart and minds, often it is about “Righteousness”. Let’s build the platform to delve a little deeper into how the enemy challenges us and how our minds are the playing field he most uses to get us to step into doubt.

Righteousness is quite simply being in “right standing with the Father”. Righteousness is the gift that every “believer” receives, since Jesus died on the cross and shed his own precious blood, he reconciled us to the Father. Jesus gave us the ability to commune and fellowship with His Father – our Father!!

This relationship, communion with the Father is the most important part of our faith. This sweet communion and time with our Heavenly Father, often referred to as “The Secret Place” – is a place where our heart and soul become deeply satisfied to know him and be in fellowship with Him. The secret place is where we can sense His presence, hear Him speak to us. This time we spend with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is where revelation is birthed, where healing takes place and deliverance. This is where our hearts rejoice, and peace invades every part of our being. I will share more about the Secret Place in next month's newsletter.

Back to Righteousness – once we understand that we HAVE been made right with God our Father because we have believed in His Son Jesus and our Spirit man is now alive, no longer dead then we have entered into being a NEW CREATION in Christ – not in yourself - In CHRIST.

What this really means is that because we are in Christ, we can be transformed… if I try to change myself without being in Christ – it will be impossible.

So what about our mind, how does this all fit in? Your enemy attacks the mind to get you to question who you are!! He will always make you doubt or condemn yourself about where you are in your walk as a ‘believer’ focusing on your sins or downfalls – getting you to look at what “you” are doing wrong. *Notice the strategy here… If the enemy can get us to start focusing on all the things we do wrong or the things we are not doing – he has us looking at our “OWN” self righteousness instead of accepting our righteousness is in Jesus.

When we have sinned or are missing the mark, we are meant to go to the Father to repent and ask HIM by His spirit to change us. What the enemy has us doing is looking at OUR failures and then heaps on condemnation and shame or guilt which keeps us from coming to the Father - who is the only one who has put us In Christ so we can be transformed into the image of Christ. Rom 8:29. To become like Christ is not to be Christ, it is to be ‘like Him’ – to be conformed into the image of Christ simply means you are becoming the best version of ‘You’ HE created, because you will take on the character and nature of Christ as you journey through this life.

How does the MIND need to be renewed? Start by turning off those voices, words that speak against the truth of who you are! You are Righteous, not because of what you do, but because of what Jesus has done. Don’t allow them ANY room in your Heart, Mind or Emotions. Deny them the right to speak lies about you…. Even if you have done something that you are ‘not happy’ about, something you wish you hadn’t done or said. Do NOT allow the enemy to rule your heart and mind in these matters. You go to your loving Heavenly Father, always to Him with whatever you are feeling or need to confess. This is truly His desire, that we take all things to Him! He is the author and finisher of our Faith. He is the one who designed us and knows everything about us. He is not concerned about where we have missed it as much as ‘How we fix it’.

He made a way for the door to His Heart to always be open, because of all that Jesus endured (pause and think about this death on the cross) – He paid for all mankind that whosoever believes….so that we would have fellowship with His Father! The Father wants us to behave like Sons and Daughters, who know they are LOVED! Both of these statements above are loaded with much deeper revelation and so there is more to be unravelled in these statements of ‘believing’ and living as ‘Sons and Daughters’, which I will unpack over the next few months.

So, as 2 Cor 10:5-6 says – casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.

In other words, get rid of and cast out ‘every’ thought and imagination that revolts against the knowledge of Christ. This part about punishing all disobedience is once you realize the lie the enemy is feeding you and you take hold of the truth in obedience you cast down those thoughts and you turn on the enemy. How is this done you ask? If you are in a pattern of ‘wrong thinking’ your thoughts could be causing you to feel bad about yourself and you never feel worthy enough to come into the Father’s presence? Firstly, if there is Sin in your life – known sin that you are making choices to not be in obedience to God’s word, then you need to deal with this first.

However, today we are dealing with the thoughts that bombard us and make us feel worthless, condemned, guilty etc. always start with TRUTH. Simple right? For example; If the thoughts that condemn me are related to pointing out things I’ve done wrong…like talking about someone and you know your words were not life giving, but rather brought judgment or you have had a bad attitude over a situation or maybe you are constantly dealing with thoughts of rejection, anything that goes “against” who God our Father says we are. We are speaking to everyone who has repented any known sin and is endeavouring to live in obedience to the Lord. We must always start with our own heart. The Holy Spirit is able to Convict us when we sin – HE NEVER Condemns us. When the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart and convicts you of Sin, he works with your conscience, and you know you are guilty of a crime. The enemy by contrast will always make you feel condemned and guilty wanting you to be punished for your crimes.

1 John 3:18-21. if your heart does not condemn you, we have confidence toward God.

This scripture pertains to how we love in deed and in truth.

If we are living in the reality of our righteousness, we will have confidence with the Father. If you are being accused by the enemy, check your heart, repent if you need to then cast down those thoughts and imaginations that keep you bound from hearing from your Father.

Learn to continue to SET your heart and mind, to always go to the Father about “Everything” (this won’t be a one time event). Do not allow “Vain Imaginations” to proceed or to influence your heart and mind. Kill them as soon as you hear it. Even if your mind has wandered into wrong thinking as soon as you recognize the pattern of your thoughts that are leading you into ‘self condemnation’ or wrong ‘self talk’ then STOP! Cast down those thoughts and take the moment to replace it with truth about who you are!

An example of this would be: You are stuck in feeling ‘worthless’ – you did it again, you said something you shouldn’t have and feel like “when am I going to change?” Why do I still gossip, or judge in my heart?

At this very moment… STOP… Rethink…. Retrain…. Renew

Rethink: I am a new creation in Christ Jesus. Father God loves me he wants me to succeed. He is for me. He will never leave me or give up on me!

Retrain: I am not going to stay here; God my Father is able by His Spirit to change me – He is the author and finisher of my Faith. I trust my Father who loves me to get me to the destiny He has desired for me.

Renew: Speak life to your situation – the truth of WHO you are; I am made in the image of Almighty God… carrying His very own Spirit inside of my being! Having given you ALL things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him.

Over the next few months I will breakdown many of the topics I covered in this months issue of the Vine, many things like Obedience, Sonship, What it means to Believe, the Secret Place. A New Creation.

This journey through life is not a ‘sprint’, it is a marathon – so continue to pace yourself – establish yourself deeper into the truth of your true Identity in Christ. When the times are difficult this is when we get challenged by thoughts to quit or we go into condemnation and guilt and shame… just keep running one step at a time in the direction of the Father – His path may be narrow, but continue to believe and pursue righteousness (don’t allow the enemy to lie to you about not being in right standing with God because of JESUS you are righteous! Don’t trust in yourself to accomplish your goal – TRUST in the amazing love and mercy of your heavenly Father to lead you through with peace and get you to your final destination – closer to Him and walking in the Truth about who you really are in Him.

Amelia Petrunia

September 2022

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