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Shout Out Praise

Lord, You are Holy! Holy! Holy God!!! In Jesus' wonderful and mighty Name we come to you with praise for ALL that You are! You are our PROVIDER! You are more than able to take care of utility bills and phone bills and empty pantries. You have more tires and cars and houses and groceries and medicines and gifts and blessings and everything else than we could possibly ever need or use - more than we can even imagine!

You are ALL-POWERFUL, our beautiful Omnipotent Father! You are ALL-KNOWING, our glorious Omniscient Creator! You are ALL IN ALL...ALL-IN-AND-THROUGH-AND-OVER-AND-UNDER-AND-AROUND, our Extravagant Omnipresent King! Hallelujah to the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world! Glory to the King of kings and Lord of lords!!! Glory! Glory! Glory to You, MOST HIGH GOD! You reign above the heavens; You rule from on high! Rule and reign in OUR hearts today! We love the fact that You cannot be removed nor replaced! You are THE ONE TRUE GOD! Thank You for being God! Thank You for having plans that far exceed our wildest dreams - even for ourselves and our loved ones! Thank You for never sleeping, never slumbering, for always keeping watch over Your children! Thank You for the blessings that will never ever end in our lives - for the opportunities, the challenges, the circumstances that dare us to trust You! Thank You for the times that look hopeless, for it is in those times that You show Yourself Strong, Mighty, Capable, Brilliant, Extravagant and Shining - so much brighter than any noonday sun!!! Ohhhh, You are Holy! Yes! You are Wonderful! And we praise You because of Who You are...the Great I Am! The Deliverer! YHVH! Hallelujah!

Lord, You have been faithful to take care of us when we could not see our way clear to do anything to change our circumstances. You have been patient when we have refused to trust You to be GOD. You have blessed us time and again...called us without fail...strengthened us for tasks beyond our abilities...protected us all our lives. Thank You, Father! Thank You Lord God Almighty! Thank You for sending Jesus to die for us. Thank You for telling Him to lay His life down and then to get up out of the tomb and take His life back! Thank You for Your glorious Wisdom! You are WISDOM!

Thank You for seeing everything and knowing that we would need the Savior, we would need the Counselor, we would need to be comforted and corrected and we would even need the angels to minister to us. Thank You for not giving up on us, even when we have given up on ourselves or others. Thank You, thank You, thank YOU! Forgive us for every sin. We willingly acknowledge that we have sinned and we cannot make it without Your mercy. Please forgive us for every sin we've committed and strengthen us to never repeat those same sins. We cannot make it without Your grace. We need You, Lord.

And while it is very true that we need You, we also acknowledge that we WANT You! We want You with us all of the time. We want You to lead us, teach us, help us, and talk with us. We want You to know us, Lord. And we want to know You more. Thank You so much for being God! Thank You - with all that we are we want to thank You, Lord. Hallelujah!!! Father, these problems we experience are very small in Your eyes. They are just little bitty things, Lord. Just like we are little, so are our problems in Your eyes. Father, we don't want to grieve You by doubting Your ability to handle our little bitty problems. You are far too magnificent to be torn down by our little bitty mindsets, so instead we choose to thank You for the ways that You will provide. We choose to thank You for the insight that You will give, the provision that You will make, the lessons that You will teach and the glory that You will rightly receive as we honor You by trusting You to be God in all of these little bitty problems. We do not pray with an attitude of fear about these things, Lord. We pray with confidence that You have plans and are more than capable to see those plans through in our lives. We pray in faith, God. We also pray with understanding - for You have faithfully shown Yourself to be Trustworthy and True every day of our lives. Thank You! You will always be GOD, YHVH, and absolutely nothing can change that! Glory!!! Oh, the peace that fills our hearts when we honor You! How wonderful it is to have these times to show You that we trust You - no matter what may come! Strengthen us, Lord, to honor You always with the thoughts in our minds, the words that pour from our lips and the attitudes that fill our hearts during times of distress. Help us lift our hands in praise to You when our little bitty problems threaten to overwhelm us. Help us experience them with the right perspective! Sharpen our hearing and brighten our vision to hear and see You more clearly. Fill our mouths with praise that we can shout loud enough for all the host of heaven to hear! Be glorified! Be glorified! Be glorified, Holy Holy Holy!!!

Lord, we lay every single problem, need, desire, hope and dream down at Your feet. Answer and fill them according to Your plans for our lives. Thank You for doing that, Lord. We trust and believe that You will. We lay all the gifts and talents You have given us down at Your feet, also. These are Your gifts to us, YHVH, and we want to use them to honor You. We want to see them multiplied, so that the return for Your Kingdom is everything You desire to receive from Your generous investment in our lives. Thank You for faithfully doing Your part to accomplish all that You have said You would accomplish in us. Thank You for blessing us with the desire to honor, serve, obey, and love You, Lord. Thank You for sending us into a harvest that is ready RIGHT NOW! Thank You for equipping us for every situation - even the ones in which we feel inadequate. Thank You so very much for being God! And so, we joyfully lift this offering of prayer up to You and eagerly look forward to all that You will do. We happily release ourselves into Your care - committed to believe You to be all that Your Word says You are and committed also to believe that You know exactly what to do, when, and how to do it! And we offer this sacrifice of praise and prayer up to You in the Only Name that is above every other name...our Lord and Savior, our Redeemer King...Yeshua Ha'Mashiach - Jesus Christ, the Messiah!!!!! GLORY! Amen!

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