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Stand Firm - Stand Strong

Words that stand out this month.

1. “Stand Firm”

2. “Stand Strong”

3. “Don’t lose your grip”

Matthew 17:7: But Jesus came and touched them and said, “Arise, and do not be afraid.”

As we start to trust, and place our lives in Gods hand, we soon find ourselves being led to a high mountain where the foundation is solid, but it’s also found to be solitary too. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of standing alone. On this high place you will fight harsher weather, it will be hard to hear GOD sometimes with the winds of adversity howling with opposition, trying to bring you down. Don’t be afraid. Stand firm, don’t lose your grip! Don’t be discouraged, even when the enemy tries to push you off the high mountain, he won’t be able to reach you, not without GOD’s permission. Hard times will be confronted while standing on the Rock of Salvation. BUT this is also the foundation that does not collapse or fail, a perfect place to be positioned to hear GOD’s voice, to be enveloped in HIS presence. This is where you get alone with GOD, and learn about all HIS promises. Where salvation, deliverance, truth, and being set-apart is revealed. It is where GOD shows you what’s really in your heart, and mind. Things that you would otherwise not have known while you were too busy trying to balance yourself on the shaky ground of the world. How is one able to look up, and listen when the ground below is constantly shifting, and tossing you around?

Don’t be discouraged, arise, stand firm, listen, The Teacher is still teaching.

GOD Said to us:

Matthew 17:5b “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, Hear Him!”


GOD, we come before You knowing You are our Heavenly Father, and thanking You for our salvation. Thank You for those brothers & sisters in Christ that are sharing their faith, and have planted seeds of the Good News. Thank You for those men and women that are standing firm in the Faith of Your Grace, Love, Mercy, and Salvation. For those that obeyed You when You said pick up Your cross and follow Me. Many of them are being attacked fiercely during this time, with sickness, disease, pestilence, seeds of doubt, fear, depression, exhaustion, lack of provision, lack of faith, loneliness, division in households, and facing temptations of every kind. GOD grant them the resilience & strength to overcome every kind of opposition they are facing right now, in the name of Jesus. Grant them the ability to hear You during these hard times, spark the flame of Your fire in their bones, the fire of the Holy Spirit. May that fire and light shine from them as a beacon on the high mountain. May those that are currently in the wilderness, and in the world be witnesses of the light in these brothers & sisters, and be encouraged to press on, and seek You LORD.

Father, it’s getting harder to breathe out here, please give us more of Your breath. It’s getting harder to feed ourselves and our families, please give us Your bread. It’s getting harder to endure out here, please give us Your strength. Help us make it till the end.

We ask humbly in the name of Jesus.



Teresa = Harvest

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