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Tender Spots

Vicky wrote this article 7 years ago. She gave it to me to put in The Vine prior to becoming ill. Whether it is a fall, potato soup or Covid-19 - Father truly goes before us - revealing the tender spots that only He can address & heal.

Sharing an old article I wrote January 11, 2015. We love you all. Thank you so much for keeping me and Chuck in your prayer. It is appreciated so very much!!!

Did you ever take a step, thinking you knew without thinking exactly where the step you were taking would be? Does that sound like a confusing question? I hope not! I got up to let the dogs out. It was the middle of the night – I don’t remember what time – and I’d only been asleep a few hours. I was awake, mind you… And alert, too. But when I opened the door to our sun porch and stepped down into the room, the step wasn’t there! The dogs had moved it – how, I don’t know – and that step was about 5 feet away from the door. I grabbed the door frame before I completely lost my balance and managed to stay on my feet, but not without twisting my body and landing much harder than I would have liked. All I was trying to do was bless our dogs by letting them go out to do their business in the middle of the night.

Holy Spirit reminded me about an elderly gentleman who lived two doors down from my folks. Mom told me about him, saying that he was alone in this world, with no family to care for him. The gal who used to clean his house for him recently quit and he had needs in that area. He had come to my mind several times, so I was excited to take some potato soup to my mother’s and ask her to deliver some of it to her elderly neighbor. It all seemed like a good plan. GOD inspired, I know. He is the GOOD ONE. We are His hands and feet in the earth.

I loaded the crock pot into the car and headed out. On the way over, I was praising GOD and thanking Him for using me as I went around the curve…and there it went! It tipped and spilled thick, creamy potato soup – at least one large cup-full – all over the floor of the car. The sad part is, I only had to drive three blocks to get there and still couldn’t seem to keep it in an upright position! Nice, warm, messy, thick potato soup, not just on the floor mat, but on the floor and the side of the door. No, I wasn’t speeding at the time. Three blocks, remember? I was praising GOD while I spilled that soup!

My body feels the effects of the missing step from going to let the dogs out. The aches and pains from the episode last night may take a day or two to go away. My car still bears the slight hint of potato soup – which is not exactly a fragrance you will find in those little car fresheners on the market today!

Beloved Warrior, we may find ourselves in moments where we’ve tried to do things to bless people – or animals – only to discover in the process of doing so, that we get hurt or life gets messy. Our intentions may be both good and GOD inspired. Our hearts may be in the right place and the journey may be filled with difficult steps and messy travels along the way. But there is purpose in all things!

So, what’s my point in all of this article? Just this: Don’t expect the journey to be easy. Don’t expect things to go the way that you may think they are going to go – even if GOD sends you. Don’t think that you’ll always get it right, always be unscathed, always be accepted and received and loved unconditionally. Don’t think that you will always be understood, or forgiven, or excused, or applauded. If your eyes are on the effort or the end result and the acclaim, or are on anything but the LORD, you will carry in your very being "tender spots" that may never seem to heal. You may continue to be bruised, broken and frustrated, even angry with GOD about how things didn’t work out or go as smoothly as planned.

Look at all the people around the world today who reject the LORD, saying that they cannot accept or believe in a GOD who allows bad things to happen. Look at how the enemy has brought affront into those individuals, anger, and mistrust because of the tender spots in them that HE didn’t put there or cause to happen. Look at all of those who have walked away from Him, hardened in their hearts because of the loss of a loved one, or a divorce, or a false doctrine, or some other thing that has bruised and wounded their souls.

But look to Yeshua. He sent Him to DIE for us, after He was beaten, rejected and bruised. Talk about some tender spots! They were all over our Messiah, but He didn’t let them slow Him down. He didn’t turn against His Father in anger or self-pity. He didn’t let those things – those tender spots which were so much greater than anything you or I have endured – deter Him from the call on His life. So we mustn’t, either! Keep your eyes on Him. Keep your hearts soft toward Him. Keep singing His praises, dancing before His throne, walking in His will, resting in His healing arms of mercy and love and know that someday soon, you will see your Messiah!

Love you all! Vicky


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