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What if God is Real?

Many years ago, my younger sister moved to San Diego to teach after she graduated. During one phone conversation she told me about a church she visited. She told me how great the worship excited everyone was. I forget the name of the denomination but in my spirit I knew it was a cult.

I warned my sister and she did get out. Then, I called the church and talked to the pastor. They had some very strange beliefs about God. We had a long conversation about God and the Bible. The thing that troubled me most was his belief that whenever anybody dies, they 'ascend to a higher plane.'

I ended the conversation with this thought..."If you are right, I guess I'll ascend to a higher plane with everyone else. But if I am right, I'll go to Heaven to live in paradise with God for eternity and you will go to hell for eternity."

Since then, I have seen some relatives come up with some weird rationalizations about God and the Bible to justify their sins.... even having abortions and living the gay lifestyle. They said, "God understands." I said "Yes, He understands it is sin. He will forgive you if you repent, but you have to realize it is sin."

I grew up in a country and society where it seemed everyone believed in God, but now more and more people don't believe. They have strange ideas about what happens when you die. They are willing to risk eternal life because of Satan’s only trick..."Has God really said?" To them I ask...."What if God is real?"

Shalom Family.


P.S. Please share this with any unsaved relatives, friends or acquaintances.

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