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I love The Living Word of GOD!!!

Welcome to our groups here at Vicky and Chuck!!! We are so grateful you are joining us here! We pray you find this is a place to inform, encourage, strengthen, bless and call people to Yeshua/Jesus Christ.

If you need to contact me or Chuck - please email us a

If you have a prayer request please use the form or post in the prayer request group!

Some General Housekeeping Rules

Each group has an appointed admin leader. If you have questions - please find their pinned post and message them by clicking on their name and going to their profile. If you have technical questions or issues with the website - please message Suzanne by going to her profile.

We ask you to use "topics" in groups. This allows posts to be more easily found. In groups - the newest post or the post most recently commented on will appear at the top of the group. Thus - topics helps things be more organized in the group.

Also - you may want to go to your profile and change your settings for what you receive notifications or emails about the groups/forum. Wix likes to notify you when new members join the group and posts are completed. You can decide if you want a weekly or daily notification. You can also unsubscribe to emails in your actual email account. We never want anyone to feel overwhelmed or annoyed.

Thank you so much for joining our groups and website! We pray it blesses you and encourages you on your journey!

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