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IN THE SPIRITChuck & Linda
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We invite you to visit our video channel, "In The Vine" to view some of the messages from Father.  Click the pic of the two of us to go to the channel!

Chuck on keys and flute,

Linda (Vicky's sister) on vocal


Dreams. Visions. Prophecy.  Scripture.  Words of Knowledge. Words of Counsel. Words of Wisdom. Words of Comfort. Words of Correction. Words of Edification. Words of Life. Words of Praise, Adoration and Prayer. 

GOD is still speaking to His people today.

Chuck and I pray you find something in the words you read and the music you hear on our site that will strengthen you in your relationship with The Living Word of GOD and cause you to grow deeper in understanding of His mighty, passionate, profound and glorious love for you! 

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Welcome to Our Online Home

With much love,

Vicky and Chuck

John 1: 1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.