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Because of the faithful giving of our community of family and friends here - we are able to give our music away free!

God gave us this beautiful gift of Music and the talents that came with it.  As you know, when the pandemic happened, we were no longer able to perform as we had for many, many years.  Event facilities closed, events were cancelled and especially assisted living and nursing home facilities where we performed and did ministry were locked-down.  During that time we sought Father and He ministered to step out in faith that He was changing what our ministry was going to look like and how He provided. It is truly because of those who give - that we can continue to do this ministry, give our music freely away, minister all that Father says - how He says it and that we have our personal needs met as well as the ability to have this website, the apps and programs we use and all that goes into doing this everyday.  Thank you!

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Thank you for helping us give away our music!  If you would like to help us continue to make that a reality, please prayerfully consider a one-time or ongoing financial gift to help us pay our bills!
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